Ceramic tiles have been around for centuries and long been valued for their beauty & durability. Ceramic tiles are very safe, healthy, easy to clean and add value to your home.

Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic made of a very fine mixture of clays and minerals similar to those found in fine dinnerware. These special clays allow porcelain tile to be fired at temperatures even higher than ceramic tile. The higher temperature results in a very dense & durable tile. And the denser a tile, the better it resists moisture.

Natural stone has become increasingly popular due to the increase in all things natural. Natural stone is a product of nature, thus no two tiles are exactly alike but give you a look like no other.

We purchase running line, close out & discontinued name brand tile from manufacturers like MSI, Emser, Shaw & more. We only purchase when the price is right and only ship full containers of products at a time to all six of our locations. That gives is tremendous savings which we are able to pass onto you.

Because dye lots may vary, we recommend visiting your closest location to view the product(s).

Below are only some of the tile products we offer. Each location has more products to choose from.